Discuss your ideas together

The first step to a voice over production is... contacting me. Call me at +31614121379, e-mail me or fill in the form on this site and let's talk about what you need and what your ideas are. Is it just a voice over or do you also need a script or translation? What tone and pace should the voice have? Do you need a particular accent? Who's your audience? Should the voice over sound a little younger or a little more seasoned? If you already have a script and you want a free sample, no problem! Contact me today and let's start creating something beautiful together!


Pre-production as they say

After discussing ideas, I'm going to do what's called pre-production. I write or translate the script and send it to you within the agreed time. Once you approve the script, I get acquainted with it from a voice acting perspective, reading it, making annotations where necessary, marking natural pauses in the script where I can take a breath for example and preparing the tone and pace we've agreed on. If necessary, I can then record a sample for you so you can provide final direction on tone and pace for example.


This is when the magic happens! In my own studio I choose the appropriate microphone for the project. Microphones color (or distinctly do not color) the sound of my voice. This is why I use different microphones for different purposes. I setup my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and read over the script again, making final changes and annotations. If you're dialing in to give direction, this is the time when that happens. Then I record your script. Directed or undirected, I Usually record multiple takes, both to correct mistakes or mispronunciations and to get the tone, voice coloring, messaging and pace just right. Unless otherwise agreed though, I will only send you the take I'm completely satisfied with.

Post production and delivery

I process the voice over in my DAW according to what we've agreed. Normally I deliver what we call 'dry', which means cleaned up (no hissing, clicking, popping etc.) but without any processing at all. I can also apply some equalization, compression, and de-essing to prepare the voice over for use in multimedia, for broadcast or apply any other effects we agreed for the project. I usually deliver .WAV files in 44.1kHz/16bit/mono, but can deliver in any industry standard sample and bit rates you require.


I have my own studio with a properly acoustically treated vocal booth and professional grade recording equipment.


An own studio and modern communciation and media tools means you can usually have your voice over within a day or two!


The studio is included in the rate, so no travel time or cost, studio rental cost or any other extra costs. It's all inclusive!


If you need a sample of your script, I can usually do that for you within an hour or two so you can quickly hear if my voice matches your vision.


I can quickly adjust scripts and (partially) re-record if necessary.


What else can I do for you?


In principle I deliver voice over files unprocessed, or what we call 'dry'. That means I clean the recording of any hisses, clicks, pops or other unwanted noise but I don't apply equalization, compression or any other processing or effects. As an additional service I can process the files for you to prepare them for use in all kinds of media such as broadcasting, multimedia, e-learning, ACX standards for audio books etc. If necessary for long form narration, I can also split a recording into multiple files, for example by e-learning course or audiobook chapter.


If your audio is going to be added to a video, I can edit the audio and the video together. I also have access to a library of royalty free music that I can add to the background of your production.


As a (ECTL certified) native speaker of both English and Dutch, I can translate your script from English to Dutch or vice versa!


As a native Dutch and native North-American English voice over/voice actor and translator, Patrick van Donselaar provides voice over and translation services for both Dutch and English at the highest quality.

Good to know!

Voice Over / Voice Actor
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